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Welcome to my home page! Inside you'll find light-years' worth of science fiction, steampunk & other fantastical tales. Look for info on all my latest paperback, digital and audio books, as well as exclusive paxful sneak peeks at forthcoming releases. For non-human visitors, this website supports ESP.

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14/12  Great news from EPIC! My sci-fi novella Pyro Canyon has been named as a finalist in the 2014 Best Science Fiction category. The awards ceremony will be held in San Antonio, Texas on March 15.

17/10  A quick heads up! Alien Safari is FREE on Kindle until Monday 21st October, so head on over there now and reserve your e-seat...before the wildlife gets *too* dangerous. 

12/10  Alien Safari is out now on Kindle! The print version is almost ready and will be available within the next few weeks--look for a giveaway contest on Goodreads. All other e-book formats, ETA January 2014. As ever, feel free to email me at with any questions, feedback, or just plain old interstellar banter. I always love hearing from my readers. Hope you enjoy the safari!

27/9  I've completed work on the new sci-fi novel, Alien Safari, so I'll be able to give you a release date shortly. While the story follows on from the events in Borderline, it's set on a brand new world, and features two fresh protagonists. It's also much bigger in scope. Fans of that first novella won't be disappointed, though, because we'll be delving deeper into the mystery of a certain stolen artefact, and what it could mean for humanity ...

16/4  More exciting release news! Imperial Clock, the second novel in The Steam Clock Legacy series, is out now on Amazon Kindle. A quick heads up--it will be available for FREE from April 18-22, so be sure to grab your digital copy. The paperback version will be available within the next few weeks.

Also, I have a release date for Yuletide Miracle, the holiday-themed novella I wrote for the same series. It will debut on April 26 on Kindle, then I'll see about putting it out in paperback, maybe with a couple of other steampunk shorts. I'm dying for you all to read this one. It's magical.

I hope everyone enjoyed Borderline.  It received an amazing number of downloads during the free promotion, and online fx trading has been selling steadily ever since. I'm thrilled with the response, and can't wait to start the follow-up.

20/3   I'm pleased to announce the debut of my new science fiction novella Borderline on Amazon Kindle, priced $2.99. It's a standalone story in the Cosmic Sparks universe, and features a high-octane getaway pursuit across an alien desert. Check it out here. All other ebook formats coming soon.

8/1  Sunset on Ramree, my Award-winning novella based on the deadliest crocodile attack ever recorded, is now available on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle for $0.99.

5/1  Carina Press's sci-fi authors (including me) have decided to give our blog, Contact: Infinite Futures, a great new look for 2013. Check it out. Plenty of terrific writers there.

28/10  Prehistoric Clock is a finalist for Best Science Fiction at the 2013 EPIC Awards! I won two years ago in the Historical Fiction category with Sunset on Ramree, so this is fabulous news for my Steam Clock Legacy series--and I've just completed the follow-up novel, Imperial Clock, which I'll submit shortly. 

Several of my fellow Carina Press authors also made the shortlist in their respective categories, so it'll be a ceremony not to miss in a few months time. Fingers crossed.

27/8  I'm proud to announce Cyber Sparks was released today at Carina Press. It's the fourth standalone book (this one's novella-length) in the Cosmic Sparks collection, once again edited by the brilliant Deb Demeth. This one's digital only (available in most formats), and you'll find it anywhere ebooks are sold. You can read the first two chapters here!

4/6  Pyro Canyon, my military SF novella, was released today at Carina Press. It's available as a standalone ebook or as part of the Editor's Choice Volume 2 anniversary anthology. You can buy it here at the Carina website, or anywhere ebooks are sold.

16/3  A few months ago, I was invited to write a novella for Carina Press's second anniversary anthology, Carina Press Presents: Editor's Choice Volume 2. Some of the publisher's favourite returning authors were chosen to represent their various genres for the collection, including Shirley Wells (mystery), Janni Nell (paranormal mystery), Julie Moffett (mystery/action adventure), and yours truly (science fiction).

It was a very quick turnaround from initial invitation to submission and forex macos final editing, but with expert guidance by our fabulous editor Deb Nemeth, we all made it to the finishing line. And without further ado, here's the anthology lineup, set for release on June 4th, 2012:

Dead Calm by Shirley Wells

Dance of Flames by Janni Nell

No Money Down by Julie Moffett

Pyro Canyon by Robert Appleton

**All titles will also be available separately as ebooks and audiobooks.

6/2  Prehistoric Clock, book one in the Steam Clock Legacy series, launched today at Carina Press!  Not counting The Mysterious Lady Law (a novella), this is my first steampunk novel. It has elements of Wells's The Time Machine and Conan Doyle's The Lost World--yep, dinosaurs--not to mention a wide array of steampunk and speculative SFF touches. Verity Champlain is the strong heroine at the centre of this one--airship captain, deep sea diver and all-round plucky Victorian gal, she's no idea what's in store for her when a huge slice of 1908 London is accidentally transplanted millions of years into the past. Also available to buy at Amazon Kindle, B&N, Sony, and as an audiobook at Audible.

27/10  Signed contract for Cyber Sparks, my latest science fiction novella at Carina Press. The story tells of a future Earth society addicted to virtual technology, and a completely unexpected threat that arises from it. I had a lot of fun writing this one, especially the heroine's caustic observations. The anticipated release date is Fall 2012.

26/9  Sparks in Cosmic Dust launched today at Carina Press! A huge thank you to my editor Deb Nemeth for believing in this intimate-epic SF novel. It turned out far better than I'd hoped. And many thanks to my fabulous readers, especially those who emailed, curious to know more about Sparks--it's all yours now. Hope you enjoy our adventure*!

*Contains strong adult content. Only suitable for those over 18. Thanks.

16/8  Read the first two chapters of my upcoming SF novel Sparks in Cosmic Dust (published by Carina Press) here on the website!

20/7  Signed new contract with Carina Press for my Christmas steampunk novella, The Rise of Red Mulqueen. I originally submitted this one for Carina's themed anthology. Although it didn't make the final cut, the editors liked it so much they acquired it as a standalone title.  That's the fifth contract I've signed with this publisher in just over a year (three for steampunk, two for SF). Long may the run continue.

13/5  NEW  PAGE ADDED!  Download a FREE paranormal short story--Spellbound--as well as book excerpts and two free poetry books from the Free Reads page.

17/3  On Saturday 12th March, at Williamsburg, Virginia, Epicon announced Sunset on Ramree as the 2011 EPIC Award winner for Best Historical Fiction!! Fabulous news and a great honour. The Eppie is the highest accolade for a digitally published book. It's not only the first time I've won one, it's also the first for my publisher, Eternal Press. A special thank you to all my readers who've emailed to let me know how much they enjoyed the story. For those who haven't yet had the chance, you can learn more about history's deadliest crocodile attack here!

17/3  More exciting news! The contracts just arrived for THREE upcoming books, all to be published by Carina Press! Sparks in Cosmic Dust is an epic sci-fi adventure novel with romantic elements--I'm currently editing it with Deb Nemeth for a September release. Alien Velocity is a re-release of my EPIC Award SF finalist, Charlie Runs Rings Around the Earth. And finally, Prehistoric Clock is a steampunk time travel adventure (short novel) I'm hoping to make into a series. Yep, this lot will keep me busy while I tackle my long-in-the-offing haunted house novel this year. I'll post updates on all these projects along the way.

17/2  The Mysterious Lady Law was rated as a Top Pick at Night Owl Reviews. Not too shabby! Check out the rave review here.

3/2  My new time travel fantasy, The Temporal Man, was released today at Moongypsy Press. It's also part historical fiction--set mainly in and around late 18th century England--and has more than a touch of romance. You'll catch me at my most wistful and escapist in this novella; it's an imaginative tale of love on the and out of time. Amazon Kindle and All Romance Ebooks are the online booksellers to visit for this one. Hope you enjoy! (A quick note to all my Esther May Morrow fans: I'm not quite finished with her yet!) 

31/1  The Mysterious Lady Law, my steampunk mystery novella, was released today at Carina Press. Get ready for twists galore and all manner of steam-powered awesomeness in sci-fi Victorian London, 1899. The eBook is also available on Amazon Kindle and at most online bookstores.  You can also download the audiobook version at Audible!

7/12  Impulse Power, Samhain's exciting space opera romance anthology, was released today in paperback. It features stories by Nathalie Gray (Metal Reign), J C Hay (Hearts and Minds), and yours truly (The Mythmakers). To get your hands in this collection of space-wide kickassery, visit the Samhain website or head on over to Amazon.

30/10  Fabulous news from the EPIC Awards! Both my entries this year made the shortlist for the big prize in their respective categories. My WW2 crocodile attack thriller (based on true events) Sunset on Ramree hit the spot in the Historical Fiction category, while Charlie Runs Rings Around the Earth received a nomination for Best Science Fiction. It's one of those magical moments for an author--while it lasts, anything and everything is possible! A huge thank you to my readers for sharing this rollercoaster ride with me throughout 2010. From here on, the journey promises to be truly stellar...and EPIC. Wish me luck in the finals ceremony held in Virginia, March 2011.

9/7  Signed new contract with Carina Press for my steampunk mystery novella, tentatively titled The Miraculous Lady Law. I'm really excited about this one--it's a combination of my two favourite genres: science fiction and Victorian mystery. And look out for one or two famous literary adventurers in the unusual cast of characters. Tally-ho! Check out the full announcement on my Mercurial Times blog.

23/4  Signed new contract with Moongypsy Press for The Temporal Man, a time travel fantasy romance (novella). I had to rewrite the second half after my laptop was stolen early March (the day I sent my query, gah!), but it proved fortuitous--the ending is now infinitely better. My editor is Brian L. Porter, author of A Study In Red: The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper.

23/2  My sci-fi romance novella The Mythmakers was released today at Samhain Publishing! Woohoo!  The ebook is available here. And later in the year, it will be published in paperback in Samhain's space opera anthology Impulse Power, alongside Hearts and Minds by J.C. Hay, and Metal Reign by Nathalie Gray.

12/1  Judith Glad's terrific cover art for The Basingstoke Chronicles won an Honorable Mention at the EPIC Cover Awards 2010. Huge congrats to Jude! 

15/12  Kate of Kratos won a nomination as Best Short Novel 2009 in the Red Roses For Authors Christmas Awards. That makes two in a row following last year's nod for The Eleven Hour Fall.


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